Thursday, April 26, 2012

A New Experience

Today started out with a downpour that caught me on my way to a new experience!  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Karen Fridy and head over to WFDD radio station on the campus of Wake Forest University. We were interviewed by David Ford, who met us in the lobby of the studio with a smooth voice and kind eyes, which was totally appreciated since Karen and I were both soaked from the rain and running late.
David put us at ease and ushered us into the studio where we were placed in front of microphones that were much larger than I have ever recalled, which I am sure had something to do with this being my first time to sit in this place.  But, very quickly we were ready to start and very at ease.
The questions were easy, and most responses seems to flow, so Karen and I are looking forward to
hearing the final result of our debut on the radio!
 Ready to get us going! David was great at making the interview seem effortless!
We are sure that the exhibit and the Yadkin Cultural Center will both be represented well in this interview that David will edit and bring into focus.......I have to say that we left there with smiles on our faces and lots of ideas for more information that we could have shared........Thank you David for making the morning an amazing experience! I had so much fun and felt very confident that I had been given a new opportunity and it was a success! .... please support him by listening in and at the same time, get up to date on what is going on in the Triad!

Join 88.5 WFDD and host David Ford every weekday for interviews and insight into the Piedmont Triad's rich artistic community.

Triad Arts Up Close: Monday-Thursday at 8:50 a.m.
Triad Arts Weekend: Fridays at 1:30 p.m.

Our interview will air on May 2nd!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thanksgiving in Spring

Beautiful Boy! 
If you are one of my friends on facebook, you know about the ongoing date with Thanksgiving!  This has been an amazing spring!  I have seen my first wild turkey and he has made the decision to live in my front yard during the day.  I have grown very attached to him over the last few weeks, and even though I know he needs to find his family, I will miss him.  The Father has taught me so much about His love and pursuit of His children through this strange bird. The biggest lesson is that I really need to understand gratitude and carry it in my heart every day of my life.  In the book, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp, she states: "I too, had read it often, the oft-quoted verse: and give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...and I , too, would nod and say straight-faced, I am thankful for everything...but in this counting gifts, I discover that slapping a sloppy brush of thanksgiving over everything in my life leaves me deeply thankful for very few things in my life.  A lifetime of sermons on "thank in all thaings" and the shelves saggin with books on these things and I testify" Life-changing, gratitude does not fasten to a life unless nailed through with one very specific nail at a time."Wow......if you could put aside all of the "givens" thankful for my husband, my home, my children, etc....and really get still...and let the gratitude of God grab your heart...what would be in your moment? This morning, a dear friend came over to pray....a dear friend that I almost lost because of a church that fell apart and hearts that got crushed.....the damage was terrible and we were right in the middle of the storm...but Love pervails, as God promises it will. Through no help on our part, the Father had plans for our friendship and He hovered over us both and breathed on us and brought us back together, more in love with Jesus and more transparent with one another.....we are again, seeking the face of the King and agreeing with Heaven for our families, our city, our country. This morning, as we sat before the Father, asking for hearts of gratitude, I was overwhelmed with the gift of a friend that only God could restore. I am learning to be in awe of this King and stay perched on the edge of grace, knowing nothing is because of me....I am willing to follow and this Magnificent King weaves my life into His Purposes and Plan for my life..we have all been given so much.......I want to savor the gifts.........what is tucked away in the everyday that is such a picture of grace and love pursuing you?   

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taking off.......

The Father knows exactly where we are heading and seems to be very content with all of our adjusting to new levels in our lives.  To me, it feels as though I am constantly stopping and about you?
I have been watching a beautiful male turkey that has decided to come and live in the middle of the city, in my front yard....totally out of his habitat......I have watched him adjust to cars, people and children that think it is funny to chase him.  I have pictures of his beautiful strut, with feathers furled and his call to his mate....and seen him stop in his tracks, tilt his head and watch me as I open the door to take a photo.  He has been at rest outside of my studio under the Rose of Sharon bush, with his eyes on every move I make as I paint and move around in the room.....He is constantly watching and aware of what is going on around him..........
I think that must be part of where we are going.....a bride that is aware of what is moving around her
even when she is out of her comfort zone...still willing to show who she is and release her voice, her words......
I don't normally paint birds, but needed to paint this one for a venue at the furniture market.....and as awkward as this lanky one looks, there is a lot of beauty and power....
So, in this new place of teaching others, or sharing our stories, praying for someone, or creating a piece of art, I know that the Father wants us to believe in the power and beauty of Christ living in each of us, no matter how lanky or clunky our first steps feel........because we learn by doing and we overcome fear by looking at Papa and taking a step...or flying off of the limb.........
What is new for you? what are you risking?
For me, it will be workshops all summer long leading into bringing community together through art and world is full of dancing in the studio and living for today.....organizing something that will effect others..well, that is way down on my list of strengths.:)
So, Papa, I will expect your bride, with all of her beauty and strength to walk with me and I will honor her and appreciate all of the gifts that are needed to pull this off......I am spreading my wings, trusting your wind to carry me....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Treasure Emerging

Today I watched treasure create. I watch the beautiful treasure locked away in a precious heart leap forth and expand.

 Somehow that is the basis of purpose for is not enough to get lost in the creative process and to see what is in my own heart.  I am enjoying the opportunity of watching someone else explore.
Today I invited a friend to paint along side me on a canvas as big as she is......She had never painted on anything that large and she took the risk in front of about 100 people during worship. It was wonderful to see the big smile and hear her say, "That was so much fun!"

I can see what has been poured into me over the last year and a half at our little church in Greensboro....
Honor the gift in one another and look for the gold hidden away....and then pull that gold to the surface by loving and encouraging.

We are all treasure, beautiful , unique treasure in earthen vessels...each one a mystery to explore. Slowing down in daily life so that we can enjoy the treasure that fills our lives each day is a task within itself, but one that is best to pursue. Slowing down, enjoying the process of just loving God and letting Him love us is contrary to what we heard all around us, but wow, that in itself is treasure.
and in the slowing down, I had the opportunity to see a childlike heart that wanted more..and I got to come along side and encourage........that made today feel really good......

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts without a home.......

I am surprised to find that many bloggers have more than one blog....just starting this journey, I have been overwhelmed with the everyday layout, but beginning to feel that i can navigate around a bit. Now I am on this computer, trying to catch up on the important issues of the day that cover an exhibit or something to do with art...but this leaves a huge part of me that I withhold and sometimes want to share.

I think this just might be the little page where I write my words just for me and if you want to come along that would be great.  I don't need agreement or understanding of this funny little space, just a place to say what comes and let it hang in the air as it forms its own direction...those thoughts that are being formed and worked out...that have to hang somewhere between heart and reason and just be.  Almost tangible but you dare not force their formation because you could totally cause a change in outcome.....
You know, the place where you know that God is changing your focus, your belief structure and you have to trust the process and let Him bring all of the pieces together.

Many times I find that the wait is as much a part of the answer as the finished destination....learning to embrace the stillness and like the quiet whispers that begin to emerge from the heart..........

And all of a sudden, you have a piece of revelation, there is an AH-HA moment and you are thankful for  the new download......all the while knowing that you still only have a little piece and must wait for makes me smile...because with each little gift, I know He is chasing after me because He loves me.......